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Buying with us.

“With a private agent, consider it mission accomplished.”

The value in buying through us.

Most buyers are looking for more than just real estate. They’re looking for ways to save time and trouble, while getting the most for their money, too. And just like you’d like to accomplish all this, we’d love to show you how. At The Link Agency, meeting your unique needs is at the heart of everything we do. As a private brokerage firm, we act exclusively on your behalf to make the entire buying process better, from searching for properties to negotiating winning deals. Adding to our value, our commission is paid by sellers, never by you.

Specializing in you.

In order to dedicate more time, attention and resources to you, we limit the number of clients we serve at any one time. This enables us to perform in-depth searches using advanced marketing techniques to pinpoint ideal properties for your consideration. If it’s advantageous to you, we’ll partner with other top area brokers to explore every opportunity, or even proactively reach out to owners of properties not currently on the market. Along with valuable insights, you’ll also profit from the added bargaining power we provide by arranging for commitment letters from lenders.

Because we work just for you, buyers are sold on the results we achieve.

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Deciding to purchase a home is one of the biggest and best decisions you can make! The Link Agency is your connection to the property you want. For more information, contact us at 401 289-2600, or email us with the information below. Tracy LeRoux, our Principal Broker, will get back to you.

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